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Introducing my new blog

February 23 2021Yuri2 min read

Hi, that’s my first post on my brand new blog.

In 2012 I used to keep a personal blog where I wrote about development, security, some personal views about idols, behaviors, etc. Due to my lack of time and other priorities (AKA university and work), I decided to stop writing. In fact, my life is a little more “calm” nowadays, but I don’t have a lot of spare time, so I will write according to my mood or even the thoughts that I think are worth it to share.

My point with this blog is not try to pass an idea of authority in any topic - basically because I don’t have any and probably I’ll know people with more specific knowledge in those topics than me. My point here is to write some current thoughts about technology, life, philosophy, market and anything I might consider interesting. I want to look back to these texts in a few years and analyse the way I used to think and my opinions in order to check my progress as a human-being. If you keep the same ideas about many things for years, sometimes decades, it has a chance that you are not being opened to another point of view or not studying enough to be introduced to it. That’s no shame in changing opinions and the way you see something, actually that’s the first step to assume your humbleness and imperfection, showing you are not a lazy person or a crowd follower. Being nonconformist is a good adjective for that.

Most of my posts might be in English and there are some reasons to do that: I want to achieve more people; I want to write in English because it’s easier to express some feelings and thoughts. However, I will write some posts in Portuguese eventually, according to the topic and to who I want to talk to. I’m not establishing a frequency of posting, so there’s no “have to” in this blog, it will be something natural and spontaneous.

So that’s it for now. I hope you follow me and keep updated to my posts. :)

If you want to chat, please send me a message in any of the following: yuridelgado.dev/#contact



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