Yuri Delgado

I'm a data-driven software engineer
focused on code quality and great
user experiences.

I've already led teams and helped
deliver great solutions.

A little about me


I'm a twenty-six-year-old developer from São Paulo.

I have a special feeling for startups and I really enjoy the challenging environments they provide. The constant changes in demands, the sense of accountability and ownership are amazing and make us feel part of something bigger. If you have never had that kind of experience, it can be your thing.

What I do

From idea conception to server's processing, I appreciate the whole path.

I enjoy programming since my 16 years old. Due to the necessity of creating complete solutions from front to back-end I also developed a keen eye to design. I like to think about the user experience and not only how server will process something or the browser will handle events in the most performatic way.

Wanna know me better?